Sweet Caroline
$ 25.00
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Celebrate the power of local with a global perspective.

From fiber to fabric, super soft t-shirts to funky hoodie, all of Earthspun® recycled garments, resources and recycling processes happen in North and South Carolina, USA. We don't use cheap imported yarns or off-shore our manufacturing. We're remaking apparel, right now, right here at home...and all with American workers.

100% recycled means:
Using no chemical dyes or bleaches.
  • Colors are derived from recycled materials.
Reducing agricultural water use and harmful chemicals.
  • Reducing landflll waste.
Saving energy and reducing oil consumption.
Special spinning process = super soft and comfortable.
Made from a blend of 65% recycled plastic (RPET) beer bottles, food trays, x-rays, water bottles, soda bottles or ketchup bottles and 35% recycled cotton.