Inspired By Patrick Yarn Mills
Kings Mountain, NC

Once again Patrick Yarns is leading the revolution--in spinning high quality yarns from recycled fibers. Just like their ancestors did in the Battle of Kings Mountain that turned the tide in the American Revolutionary War.

Earthspun® is the inspiration of a team of performance-driven people all committed to creating the most innovative, sustainable products on the planet.

Through our proprietary processes, Earthspun® gives our customers certified yarns with unique performance advantages in a wide range of eco-friendly applications. 

The results?

100% recycled yarns, sourced in America.
Uses no bleaches and low impact dyes.
Reduces water use and harmful chemicals.
Reduces landfill waste.
Saves energy and reduces oil consumption.
Ringspun process makes it super soft and comfortable.

Our Process


Featured Festival    Merlefest 30th


Spun by the Sun®